Reduce the juice


There are plenty of prizes to be won through Reduce the Juice! These are available to all students at the winning halls.

Here are some examples of what is up for grabs!


Win a unique Reduce the Juice hoody through one of our mini competitions! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep updated on how to win these mini competitions and when they will be running! All winning participants will win a hoody!


At the University of London students have the chance to see the famous bees at the top of 17 Russell Square. Find out everything you would ever want to know about the bees and see them up close and personal (bee keeping suit provided!).

Make up!

Get your hands on some ethically sourced products from Lush by winning a £10 voucher!


Fancy winning donuts, cakes or even a massive Chinese meal for your whole Hall? Your dining rooms are working in collaboration with Reduce the Juice to provide foody prizes for fantastic energy saving performances.

Winner's party!

The Hall that reduces the most juice over competition will win the biggest party of the year for the whole Hall! To be organised in collaboration with your student committee, all funded by the savings you make!