Reduce the juice

How does the competition work?

Throughout the year we will be measuring energy and water usage and recycling rates. This will be compared with either the previous year’s data, or a baseline, to calculate the percentage change. There are then two main competitions…


Throughout the year three different sprints will take place for energy, water and recycling. This is your chance to really make a difference and focus on each impact!

There will be plenty of information on the benefits of reducing the juice, ‘how to’ guidance and information on exciting ideas and research taking place. Throughout the month week by week data will be presented on your hall profile page.

The sprints will be month-long competitions between the halls of residences at your University only, with the chance to win a range of prizes for your halls!

November – Energy Saving Sprint

February – Water Saving Sprint

April – Recycling Sprint

Overall Competition

The overall competition will include all of the participating halls of residence from across the UK. The hall with the biggest savings in energy and water, and the biggest improvements in recycling rates at the end of the academic year will win a huge prize for the entire hall, to be decided by the student committee at that hall!

Each month, the savings within your hall will be updated on your hall profile page. Check the league table to keep track of how your hall compares to the rest of the UK! How can I Reduce the Juice?

Tailored information for each hall is available on your hall profile page. This includes information on how to report issues to be fixed (e.g. broken lights, radiators, heating or missing recycling bins), what you can recycle and any sustainability projects taking place in your hall. There is also information on how the University is trying to make the hall sustainable! Check the list of halls here.

Tips and guidance for how anyone can reduce the juice can be found on our website here.

How can I get involved?

Become a "Sustainability Engagement and Action Leader", a.k.a, SEAL!

  • Promote the Reduce the Juice project within your hall and deliver innovative ideas to embed
  • sustainable behaviour
  • Receive training and support throughout the year
  • Work with students from your halls and across the UK and also your sustainability team
  • Gain experience for your CV in communications, project management, design, sustainability and
  • lots more
  • Create your own positive impacts
  • Get your own Reduce the Juice hoody!

Please note: No personal energy use is displayed, only the energy use per Halls of Residence.